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Sterilization Services

It is our common goal to "Provide our customers with the contract services that will meet or exceed the standards they would set for themselves". Each facility is offers parametric release, high temperature cycles, and cold cycles for temperature sensitive materials. To help reduce turnaround time, Sterilization Services can test customers' self-contained BIs on-site.

With a total commitment to quality and knowledgeable hands-on management team at every facility, Sterilization Services can assist in protocol and cycle development, personalizing services to meet your sterilization needs. To reduce delivery time and costs, distribution resources are also available.

Customer First

At SMK Meditech we understand that we are part of responsible Health care sector, Where we do production of best possible product with keeping patient care as our first and foremost approach.

Design of product is done with keeping in mind the suggestion from well educated and experience surgeons, Timely delivery of product is done with keeping in mind the requirements of our distribution partners.

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